Axonal variants

February 24, 2007 at 6:02 pm

One of the first things I asked Nate’s neuro after Nate was put into the convalescent hospital was if he had actual nerve damage.
He told me Nate did not just have Myelin damamge but that he also has Axonal Damage (AMSAN). His is mostly in his legs but his hands still give him lots of tingling and pain 14mos out. His dexterity is shot even now also. He has a really hard time typing or doing anything that requires using his fingers like writing. His fingers also shake a lot.
I got a good explanation from the following website as to the difference between Myelin Damage and Axonal damage.
It helped me to get a more realistic expectation as to quick or slow recovery.
Its not always something you want to hear, but it can help to have a more clear idea at least.
Here’s the website. You will need to cut and paste. Look under the section called Clinical Variants.