Axonal loss versus demyelination versus inflammation

June 18, 2011 at 7:37 pm


No, no offense taken. My purpose in bringing up these subjects, and of sharing my opinions, is to encourage exactly these types of discussions.

Indeed, I’m happy to read about the distinctions and commonalities between these three conditions. And yes, it is helpful, to understand the posters’ symptoms and their timelines. This often requires asking them to tell more about their condition.

It is by continuing to explore, research, share and learn all we can that we all may benefit the most from each other.

The article is very informative. Thank you for caring enough to take time to respond.

The highlighted section on page 5 sums it up for me when it talks about ‘EMG identifies situations when no further nerve recovery is expected.’ I’d like to learn more about what, exactly an EMG identfies in that situation.