Atypical Presentation Specifics

May 7, 2007 at 9:03 pm

In Feb 2006 had change in vision (spots and flashes) and tingling in tailbone. In April 2006 suddenly experienced tingling in feet and hands, eventually face and experienced paralysis in face (left and then right sides). Had tightening of larynx which changed timbre of voice.
Diagnosed w/Mono near end of April (my neuro figures this might be my exposure to whatever began GBS). By the time I was diagnosed w/this “atypical” presentation GBS, neuro said it was too late for IVIG.
All symptoms subsided (except residual vision changes–continuing spots and flashes) in late May 2006.
In Dec. 2006 caught cold and haven’t been the same since. Now symptoms are tingling, numbness, burning, sharp pain in places I don’t recall having been effected last April except perhaps tailbone, legs and arms and face. Each day it seems as if a new area is affected; sometimes the pain is so severe I find it difficult to move.
I’ve been treating topical “hot spot” points w/Lidocaine but with very little impact (except for the first day using them).