At times, another specialty is useful?

March 28, 2011 at 11:48 pm

One area of physicians to explore are rheumatologists, as they are familiar with many immune and auto-immune issues such as Sjorgens’
Here is an article about what They should be familiar with and about:
It mite help you w/your problem. Finding any specialist is tricky, and finding one you feel you can communicate with is harder still.
The AAFP web site is useful to get basic backgrounds on many neuro and immune issues. I’ve found it easy to use and it’s often brief? It’s summaries are usually short and clear, giving references for looking into things in more depth.
More importantly is the finding of any doctor who you feel comfortable with & with whom you sense will ‘go to bat’ for you! I have docs who I don’t ‘like’? But I know they are competent to do their JOBS for ME in their area of expertise, I’ve also HAD docs where I felt I was some sort of ‘experiment’ for them? To those latter? Never went back. Don’t know about you yet? But after 8+ years of testing, pokings and probings and more? I do NOT want to be a ‘playground’ for some medical professional.
GAT? You have got to get as much info as you can to try and make informed decisions about which docs you should consult. At times especially at first, second opinions from others can help or not? But in the getting the opinions, you get more testing! Just get copies of those to go forward when you find the docs you want to work with!
It’s hard at first? Like a fish out of water, flomping around, not knowing what to do? But given time, you will learn! Good luck and hopes your way!