At the Mayo Clinic…

July 21, 2010 at 12:58 am

Hello All…I’m currently in Arizona for my Mayo Clinic appts. Went today for my third EMG, which was just awful. Unfortunately, and thankfully, the results were normal. I see the Rheumatologist tomorrow. My initial appt. on Monday was with the consultive physician, who like all the other doctors, came to the conclusion (prior to any testing, mind you) that what I’m experiencing my be Fibromyalgia….soooo tired of hearing this, as I do not have the typical “trigger” points and areas that are usually common with Fibro. I am so very frustrated, as I know there is something more going on with me, but when most all tests come back normal, there is simply no where to go. They did do extensive blood work, which I should have the results for tomorrow or Thursday. I did mention the GBS and the post-polio syndrome, but no one seems to be interested in this. ?????? Does anyone know or have any suggestions as to how I can have the doctors take a closer look at my history with GBS? Is there any special testing associated with the similiarities to post-polio syndrome? Does it typically show up in blood work? Any advice would be so very appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice!