Aspiration Pneumonia

April 14, 2009 at 4:17 pm

Hi Erin,
This is not having to do with the IVIG–it has to do with CIDP…
I have CIDP. with dysautonomia, (it hit my autonomic system).
As it hit the autonomic system, it hit the phrenic nerve, thus causing the diaphragm to be weak and unable to take deep breaths, which was confirmed with the various pulmonary tests they did on me,
It also hit the swallowing/digestive system/stomach, thus causing
dysphagia and gastroparesis and esophageal dysmotility, which was all confirmed with a “swallow test”.
So, the problems with swallowing and unable to breathe well or have a strong cough, is due to the CIDP.
I am dealing very carefully now, when I eat. That past two weeks, I have choken 3 times, once on meat, the other on soft crumbly textures, as well as choking on liquids sometimes.
The one main thing you have to watch out for, is ASPIRATION PNEUMONIA, which is when food or liquid goes into the lung, causing bacteria, thus causing the aspiration pneumonia.
“Google” aspiration pneumonia, and you will see the symptoms and problems, (one being a sore chest), and how the docs. try to resolve it.
Hope this helps.