April 1, 2008 at 7:59 pm


Ronda, et al.

Before my CIDP “onset” I , due to some pretty severe fatigue issues, cut out smoking, 9 years ago, alcohol (mostly) 8 years ago, even white bread! I saw that “sweet killer” thing (I drink Double Gulp refils of Diet Coke/Pepsi- I metioned it ti my MD and later to my Neuro- both referred me to and mythbusters, etc. All of which say the NutraSweet scare is, just that, a scare.

But, prior to my CIDP diagnosis, I cut out Diet Soda, completely, and sunstituted Green Tea/Honey, to combat the fatigue. The CIDP continued to mout, after 2 months, cold turkey, the I was tested and diagnsed.

All of this is anectotal, in my opinion, but, seems to me if you drink, eat ANYTHING, chemical, regularly. the rrisk of reaction is ncreased.

EVERY CIDP GBS suferer I’ve met, was from a vacine reaction (or had one, just before their onset) In my case it ws a tetanus booster.

WHY DO DOCTORS DENY THE CORRELATION? (Obvious, litigation! But, maybe nutrasweet is the same fear?) How can we get straight talk?