asking the doctor

August 25, 2008 at 6:25 am

All Smiles,

I have read your treads, this one and “new and have questions”. I won’t try to diagnose or confuse things but a few things have caught my attention and the order of things.

Not all Emg’s are created equal. One emg on your leg stated demylenation. If that shows up it could be hereditary or not. All four extremities should be tested to compare. Most doctors only do the ones you complain about though. Interpretation is critical. I was told ulnar carpal tunnel in the wrist by the emg tech and basic neuro. A later emg by a highly competant neuromusculat doctor said focal demylination above the elbow?? Go figure.
The type of fiber damage tells them alot.

Diabetes-I wasn’t sure if you did the OGTT 2 hour test. Overnight fasting bloodwork can be fine. the glucose drink and test every hour test is best.

I thought it odd that you had IVIG and had not mentioned the Spinal Tap or Brain MRI. If things are hereditary, the IVIG or steroids probably won’t work.
Or did they tell you that the IVIG won’t work?

I was told by my neuro that hereditary neuropathy’s can subside and you can make improvements but basically the body doesn’t repair the damaged area’s
or at least that is my understanding. Having a family history of CMT is affecting things although you tested neg. I guess what, like 20% can’t be found on the test. If there was no family history, they don’t care about the 20%. Being there is family history, they may not believe your negative.

They looked at my elbows for scoriasis. scoriatic arthritis can mimic things but I don’t think it damages the nerve like the one EMG. Multiple things may be in play.

Also bending your legs seems difficult. Don’t know there.

Yes, note all your questions and ask them one by one unless they are answered as you go through the appt.

Question the demylination, that is key to what you are experiencing. with any demylination comes the need to test further and other area’s of the body if it is hereditary or not. One would think to at least know the extent of the situation. Good Luck on Your Visit. We will all be thinking about you!