Ask for the "Home Away from Home" program

November 5, 2011 at 9:32 am


Ask Paula to send you an application for the “home away from home” program. It is a charitable operation that offers two free hotel nights (at a nice hotel) for those coming for evaluation. I had to stay three nights, so only paid for one of them and it was at a medical discount. It was a nice hotel and the discounted rate was less than $100. Not bad for 3 night’s stay! I will warn you though, I was surprised when I checked into the hotel and the room was booked in my name and a man’s name! LoL! Turns out it is one of the members of home away from home …. and by having his name on the reservation, the points for the 3rd night where I paid go back to the program to help the next person … but it did catch me off guard!!! :p

You can also ask Paula about free housing – it’s not as nice, but is clean and is free and is close to NorthWestern!

Good luck – please keep us posted!!