ask for help

September 22, 2009 at 9:41 pm

hello, my name is amy i had GBS and was paralyzed from my chin down. Spent 5 months in the hospital then home to my parents house( iwas 38 at the time) do you qualify for in home aid. My paren ts tried to take care of me by themselves but were unable to. I eventually got in home care . CNA who could spend 4 hours a day. They came in the morning and got me bathed and dressed and in my wheel chair ready for the day.Then i was on my own for a few hours. BOth parents were working at lthe time. I got the same CNA each time.(went through a few before getting a good one.) at least you could get a few hours of relief. I eventually went back into a rehab/nursing facilityfor a year because it was too h ard on my parents and i need 24 hour care now i am back home for now. I have CIDP now. and it is progressive so i will be back in a wheel chair eventually( iam able to walk now with a cane or crutcches but am still experiencing tingling and numbness from the chin down) I can only imagine how you feel but you do need to take care of your slef. I was very asngry with my parents at first(when they sent me to the nursing home) but after a week i understood why they needed to do it. I got 24 hour care and rehab on site. the staff was great and they made sure i got out of bed everyday i was the youngest patient and the only GBS patient they have ever had. but they made adjustments for me and improved my physical health.