aseptic meningitis

March 22, 2007 at 1:43 pm

Hi Shawn,
My son had an aseptic meningitis reaction to his last infusion. Fever, total body shaking almost like convulsions, vomitting bile,SEVERE headache, neck ache, and if you put his chin to his chest, his feet would flex up. We started the flow rate at 12, 28, 50, and then the second hour they bumped it up to 115. Then everything happened. They stopped the infusion waited a couple of hours, and started again but stopped at 50 this time. He will be getting his next infusion in 32 days and the flow rate is not to exceed 50 (about a seven hour infusion). Because the hospital did not record on hard copy, only the pharmacy on the computer which deletes in three months, I do not know if Kevin recieved the same brand ivig, now that I have learned to copy lot numbers and brand names, I can keep better track of things. Besides flow rate, change in brand name is also a factor in the reaction. Since you are a Dr., I’m sure you already know that the ivig is an irritant and that is what causes the reaction. Incidentally, my son has extreme pain in the vein when the iv is administered, I was wondering if you had that as well? We did flush the iv to check if it was still good and it was. I have read some info that suggests letting the ivig get to room temperature and keep a hot pack on the iv sight to open up the veins more, lidocaine in the drip is also ann option, but some people on the forum have found a study that states lidocaine is counterproductive in aidp/cidp patients? My neuro says its ok, but why take the chance? Also, I thought I remember yourdx. being aidp, I thought I read somewhere that steriods do not have any affect on aidp patients. (I think you mentioned taking prednisone in this thread I could be-wrong) Call if you want! –