As one who has gone thru THREE surgeries and FOUR BIOPSIES?

July 29, 2010 at 10:29 pm

I feel I must speak up about this? First off? Do let your surgeon then, anathesologist KNOW that in no uncertain terms are you tolerant/or intolerant of some anathesias! Make it clear that you have a DEMEYELINATING nerve issue similar to MS! That should shake them up to use the more ‘conservative’ meds. As noted above? I’ve been thru at least [B]SEVEN[B][/B][/B] PROCEDURES since my onset of CIDP [actually more than that? But these are ‘official’?]. The one thing I’m grateful to MS’ers for is the good, bad and ugly reports they have regarding anathestics! Thanks to these good folks we BENEFIT from their experiences, and thus…more caution in our treatments. I’ve been fortunate in learning about this? The key word is “DEMEYELINATION”! I do know I HAVE benefitted from their experiences? Once I mention the ‘D’ Word? The anathesiologists go to a whole different set of knock outs for us!
So far? I’ve been under ‘general’ about 14 times since I’ve gotten CIDP. I have been fortunate that I’ve NOT gotten any bad s/e’s! These are times when you have to/MUST advocate for yourself with any facts [good solid medically credible resources] that you can muster if needed? Usually, tho, you won’t need them. I hope you succeed in the whole thing?
Good luck? Let us know how you fared? Your reactions add to the ‘body of knowledge’ we all try to gather and keep.
Hope you are up and about w/o issue the next day! – homeagain