As one who has both? [CIDP + Cancer] I say… fight till ya drop!

September 29, 2010 at 7:29 pm

I mean, after all, given this set of issues? You are bound to ‘drop’ now and then. Even when you get to walking ‘normal’ again? Tote that cane! The bad stuff can and does come on hard and fast when you least expect it. Results of ‘no cane’? Are NOT fun!
Docs can’t answer IF we can or will get better? Because we are NOT scientific experiments, kept in some sort of ‘controlled’ environment, nor are are treatments totally consistent with one another. For ‘analyists’ to try and collect data on US to try and determine some similarities? Well, it’s bound to be all over the map! Not to mention that each and every doc comes into practice with HIS/HER own set of training/experiences and biases.
Get five neurology experts in this field to look at five different sets of patients’ tests and studies? For each and every patient? You will get five different diagnoses for each and every patient…let alone how to treat them!
It’s the same w/treating cancer? You just have to go and find the one[s] you can get along with who are on the ‘better’ or ‘best’ lists…then HOPE and HOPE HARD!
When I got the now CIDP [other docs, did nay saying? to this diagnosis?], Then the cancer… I knew that by the time I got CIDP diagnosis it was over a year… damage can and is done in that time! But I kept at it before diagnosis, because That CIDP was progressing, and The wisdom of many here and some gone taught me to KEEP AT IT, GET SMART ABOUT IT and learn to ask all the right questions!
I’ve been able to fend off the worst ‘demons’ for almost 8 years? I consider myself fortunate to have that extra time-of mobility, semi-normalcy and chances to just appreciate LIFE! IF you look at all my past posts? You should find that I never go MY PAIN IS WORSE than your pain…ever! And, I hurt..a lot? To the point when I am really hurt, hi doses of morpheine don’t do a thing! Soo? I take it as it comes, get on with it all, wrestle with getting about, and like many others? I’VE GOT MY CUP! I’d like it full? But at least I’ve got the cup to catch the good things in life and tilt at my windmills! Poor Dulcinea! She’s getting run-down.
Hugs and hope to all! Never lose faith in yourself and what your body is telling you! Second and even third opinions are cheap compared to a non-diagnosis!
I think I’m gonna walk the house stomping my cane into the floor while I get around, HARD! It’s therapy.