As I’ve said before? I, too can’t find the WORDS!

November 7, 2009 at 8:45 pm

When I need them or want them. I’ve a thesaurus near my chair for such occasions and it’s helped some – But I’d always blamed the meds I was on. At first neurontin, which was awful to the memory, then keppra which gave me my mind back but, really didn’t do anything for the pain…. My diagnosis came back as CIDP after a first non-diagnosis, followed 9 months later by heaps of testing.
I’m now on IVIG which helps the pain and nerve/muscle fuction immensely. And only rarely take Ultracet for some ‘bad times’ when needed.
I used to carry a steno type note book around to make notes of all said, and w/docs what things I wanted to try and cover. Especially because my mind would blank out on critical things to be addressed. I”ve about a FOOT high pile of note-books w/medical and other notes that help me recall life in the last several years. It’s good I’ve written things down? It’s BAD that I can’t find a reference when I need it! The connections between long and short-term memories are sort of scrambled.
Take a really good look at all the fine print in prescribing information for ALL of your meds that you take… You will be amazed at what you find out about the meds that are supposed to ‘help’ you, and the other problems they can cause? Or, that you can’t take a med w/in X hours of another med or supplement. Don’t be intimidated by it all tho? There are ways to work it out safely w/fewer side effects. Honestly docs don’t pay much attention to this stuff. That’s NOT what they are really looking for, nor are they trained in detail in this whole field of expertise [few are].
Just know, that we are all in similar very leaky boats, bailing as best and as fast as we can! And, none of us is sinking by far….YET!