Arm and Hand Pain

August 29, 2011 at 4:04 pm

About ten years ago, or so, I had night time pain in both of my arms and hands.

By trial and error, I concluded that my nerves on both sides near the elbows were unhappy when I slept. Meaning what?

Meaning that my ‘funny bone’ nerves, more precisely called “ulnar” nerves were sensitive to pressure, probably due to the demyelination going on.

I can recall, a few years after that, one neurologist’s emg/ncv tests included this language: “…patient MAY benefit from ulnar transposition…”

No, I did not have this surgery following the failure of two right wrist carpal tunnel releases to provide any relief.

What did I do about the pain? Well, I took many, many supplements and herbals.

However, I also slept with padding under both elbows. They make things you can purchase. Or, your p/t (physical therapist) can provide them. Think of a tube sock with both ends cut off and some foam padding in the middle.

I no longer wear those. But, I did wear them for years. Definitely not a high fashion garment…….