Aquatic therapy really helping my daughter

May 21, 2007 at 2:31 pm

My just-turned 12 year old daughter has been doing Aquatic Therapy for 7 weeks now. Started 1 hour/week. At beginning really was too much; she would start falling asleep the moment we were out of the water, passing out almost. Like the way a very young toddler is when they fall asleep: just out!

But as time went on, her bounce-back time lessened and her stamina increased. We joined a pool and go hang out/play/do a tiny bit of therapy on our own about 2x a week. It’s a leisure pool (there’s a separate lap pool) and they keep it a little warmer than the lap pool. Which is good, she’s very sensitive to cold.

Today her therapist was blown away at her progress. When she began therapy, she had to use the lift to get in the pool, and now has progressed to going down the stairs, without a whole lot of help, once we are past the first couple steps. Her hip strength/core strength has improved so much. I really hope she will soon be steady and strong enough to take some steps without her walker. I was starting to get really worried but now it looks like that might happen in the forseeable future. I do think Aquatic therapy is the best, at least it has really helped her.

We will be doing on our own for a while due to insurance, but can schedule check-in sessions as she improves. It is much more fun and satifying than dry-land therapy, at least for her.