Approved for SSDI

April 29, 2009 at 6:55 pm

[QUOTE=Dawn C]Good luck I also posted a reply on your other post. Hope all goes well for you and your wife. Keep smiling. Read my reply if you get a chance.[/QUOTE]

Its been a while since I posted about SSDI but I had a very easy time getting apprroved. It’s been 18 months since I was accepted and 5-6 months until I am eligible for Medicare. I didn;t have health insurance for about 10 months but have been covered by my wifes in the last year. However, I haven’t had any treatment (IVIg, Rituxan etc.) for about 3 years and I’m scheduled for an EMG (this will be my 6th in as many years, do I ned to get it done again or should I decline and give my results from two years ago?)with a new Neurologist. Last week I was VERY weak and went to the ER and was admitted for 2 day and 3 nights. I met by a Neurologist and an Occupational Therapist and I really need to get back started on IVIg. Has anyone been through Plasmapherysis??? I have not tried that yet but I know IVIg gives me the headache/nausea and I’m nervous to repeat. I know about infus rate and pre meds but is there any other options???

Luckily my friends have started to organize a Benefit in June but with a 2 1/2 year old I need to as strong as possible. My dexterity is gone in my left hand and I am slowly getting so weak in my legs so bad that I am tripping even in my AFOs.

Has anyone tried adult stem cell clinical trials????

I know this message went all over the map but I’m reseaching frantically and don’t really know where to start.