Applying for Social Security Disability

January 7, 2011 at 10:01 am

Recommend anybody applying for Social Security Disabilty (SSD) read this Disability Planner:

and this “How we decide”: [url][/url]

On the How we decide page click on “Go to Step 3”:

and then, click on “…a list of medical conditions…”:
Under Part III click on “…Part A…”

then, click on “11.0” Neurological:

Next, click on 11.14: “11.14 Peripheral neuropathies. With disorganization of motor function as described in 11.04B, in spite of prescribed treatment.”

so, you end up back at 11.04B: “B. Significant and persistent disorganization of motor function in two extremities, resulting in sustained disturbance of gross and dexterous movements, or gait and station (see 11.00C).”

and 11.00C: “C. Persistent disorganization of motor function in the form of paresis or paralysis, tremor or other involuntary movements, ataxia and sensory disturbances (any or all of which may be due to cerebral, cerebellar, brain stem, spinal cord, or peripheral nerve dysfunction) which occur singly or in various combinations, frequently provides the sole or partial basis for decision in cases of neurological impairment. The assessment of impairment depends on the degree of interference with locomotion and/or interference with the use of fingers, hands and arms.”

You might choose to read Section 1, musculoskeletal. The key is to prove the degree of disability. It is not sufficient to say “I have pain or I feel weak”

Document with test results and Doctors’ reports.