Anyone get brain freeze?

June 12, 2008 at 8:50 pm

Might I ask you and any others with chemical or sensitivity to smell this question – do you get ice cream headaches or brain freeze when you eat or drink something cold? I found that people with overloaded systems get this. I did not get brain freeze until I overloaded my system with fish liver oil. SInce it is fat soluable, it took a few weeks to totally leave my system. I also could not read more than a paragraph – my brain would shut off. This was tough since I am an avid reader. So when I taught middle school, I would ask my students if they ever get brain freeze. There was a high correlation between students with reading disabilities and brain freeze. My theory is that many students having difficulties in school are simply highly allergic with overloaded systems. So I think if you have chemical/smell sensitivites, it would be good to see what you are doing to create this overload. Food or environment plays a big part. GBS is the Supreme Overload.