Any GBS Members from NJ???

March 27, 2008 at 10:59 am

[QUOTE=Jerimy]I am a CIDP survivor and also a liason for the GBS Foundation. Maybe a visit from someone who has been through it would be good for him and help motivate him to want to get better. We have quite a few liasons in California, if you call the foundation [B][SIZE=2]610-667-0131[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2], they can put you in touch with the one that is closest to you. Hang in there, you are in my prayers.


Hi Jerimy,
I see that you are a foundation liason, and wondered if you knew of any GBS members from Northern NJ. My partner is recovering from GBS and is feeling depressed and alone with this and has constant pain. He feels like no one believes what he he going through is real. We have changed primary care Dr’s twice already and I think we finally found a good match for him. But if you had someone for him to reach out to that he could relate to, that would be great. Thanks !!! Dean (