Antibiotics and bacterial infection

October 19, 2008 at 12:20 am

[QUOTE=jan’83]Hi Johnny, I suspect my GBS was Camp. induced. I had all the symptoms prior to getting GBS. My son was in the hospital having his tonsils and adnoids removed. I got sick quite suddenly while staying there with him. I was running a very high fever, had black tarry diarrhea type stools and cramping, was weak and unable to walk well, headache from heck, and general overall weakness. It did not feel like a flu at the time but I wrote it off as a flu.

Does this sound familiar? Did you get a flu shot before you went over seas? Or any other shots?

To answer your question Laurel, I am not a dr. but I was wondering if the damage is already done by the bacteria. It passes through the system and is supposedly over or almost over by the time GBS etc. show up. Would giving antibiotics at that point be a moot point? This is a question that may best be answered by someone in the medical profession. With Hope may have some thoughts on this.[/QUOTE]
Hi Canada,
I have thought of that, but I still think there is a chance of residual bacteria hanging around. We have two theories that hubby and I toss around about what precipitated his CIDP 1) he had a serious infection after he had kidney stones 2) he had weakened grip and had carpal tunnel surgery resulting in wasting and atrophy of his rt. hand and forearm after the surgery. Both occurred in the time frame of his hand atrophy.