December 10, 2007 at 9:11 pm

Hi Allaug
I guess we have the same thing! So far they have not given any indication that I have CIDP or anything else. Only the IgM MGUS, which of course I discovered because of the peripheral neuropathy which is perfectly symmetric and is attacking both feet and hands (hands came after the feet). It is somewhat more sensory than axonal, but nevertheless, there is some weakness from the axonal damage too.
I am interested in determining more about why they prescribed Rituxan treatments for you 28 days apart, whereas I will get the same as Norb got…one infusion every week for 4 weeks, then 6 months off before the next series. Were the 28days apart treatments for maintenance or were they the initial ones?
My second infusion will be on Thursday. Call it the “four infusions of Christmas”, I guess
Kind regards