Anti-MAG depletion rate

January 25, 2008 at 12:22 pm

Congrats to Carol for finding that chart and presentation. That was for sure the missing information in our knowledge base. My chart was totally a guess, but surprisingly, if you look at the Anti-Mag level I showed after 12 months at 30%, it was not far off the grouping of levels after 12 months in the offical chart at ave 40%. I assumed a second dose of Rituximab which may not be realistic.
It was interesting to note in slide 16/48 of the presentation that some patients had double doses of Rituximab with a lower % improvement than single doses. Of course, with such small populations, the statistical validity of any conclusion regarding the effectiveness of double doses would be questionable.
I have often wondered, assuming there is a noticeable decrease in Anti-Mag antibody, whether there will be another series of Rituxan treatments or a maintenance dosage of Rituxan every so often to maintain the Anti-Mag IgM behold the threshold level associated with the PN. I guess time will tell.
Again, thanks to Carol for finding that excellent report.
Have a good weekend