Anthey is my mother

June 1, 2006 at 8:21 pm

Under Main Discussions I posted my dad’s story my mom is talking about under “My Dad My Hero has GBS”, not knowing my mom posted here. I just found by viewing other discussions my mom had posted here. Thank you all for helping us through this.

Mumbles 143

P.S. Mumbles 143 is my dad’s nickname because as a child no one understood what he was saying so they called him mumbles.

My mother took care of my grandmother (her mother) until she passed 3 years ago of congestive heart failure, my grandfather has alzehiemer’s and has been bed ridden (my fathers father) for 3 years right after my grandmother passed he became bed ridden. My mother has been married to my father for 46 years and she is 100% a caregiver. She can nuture anything to grow, prosper, and make stronger. She holds us all together. Stay strong mom…As the site has told us GBS stands for “Getting Better Slowly.” Keep your faith strong and we will make it and our big papa bear will come home.