Answers to Your Questions

June 18, 2011 at 12:38 am


I will try to answer your questions. I am not a medical professional, so they are not authoritative in that sense.
[*]Can GBS recur? Yes, it can. Typically, though, for it to be considered a recurrence, you must have recovered a plateau and maintained it for a period of time (undefined).
[*]Is the recovery was very slow and then there was a backslide, the diagnosis, as Dr. Latov has done, would generally be changed to CIDP.
[*]CIDP comes in several forms. Your husband may have a relapsing-remitting form in which he does not fully recover after a relapse. Or he may have additional damage to his feet that his hands did not suffer. In that case, it will take time (a long time, perhaps) to achieve full recovery.
[*]No help here.[/LIST]The difference between GBS and CIDP is really a matter of timing. GBS is defined as reaching the most disabled point by 4 weeks. If the symptoms persist with no improvement for more than 8 weeks, the diagnosis is CIDP. My guess as to why Dr. Latov might have indicated “…for now…” is that some people have CIDP that goes into remission. It may also be that your husband has another form of neuropathy and Dr. Latov is waiting to see if the IVig leads to improvement more generally, helping to confirm a CIDP diagnosis.

IVIg usually, but not inevitably, works, but its outcome is variable. It may take all the way to the end of July for your husband to notice any improvement in his feet. He may not have any improvement at all by then, and then start to show some months from now. Or, he may start to show improvement tomorrow.

Godspeed he shows improvement soon.