Another one of my long posts.

June 21, 2010 at 11:33 pm

[QUOTE=zanna]Hi everyone, in Wangaratta Victoria, Australia its 14 degrees celcius and ive got the woodfire roaring , drizzling rain. brr :)[/QUOTE]

Oh, Zanna, I love your Australian place-names (Wangaratta). ๐Ÿ™‚
But…a roaring woodfire when it’s only 14 degrees celcius??? Why, that’s just comfy here in Canada; people are wearing shorts, muscle shirts and beach sandals (well, the teens are, and the ones who can’t wait to show off their figures in the few months our Canadian climate allows).
Anyhoo, stay warm. ๐Ÿ˜€

Jessicah, so glad you weren’t near THOSE windows! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Here in Manitoba, Canada…the mosquitoes are out in full force following a few weeks of rainy weather, but I foiled them when I went out to do my gardening today by wearing my baggiest gardening pants and jacket and a screened hat and thick leather gloves. My mind said “too tired, too weak” to garden, but I said “[B]I’m doing it[/B]”, and made the body move.
So, I got the planters of lettuce and basil planted, transplanted my 6 tomatoes and 6 cucumbers and 3 impatiens. And then I got tough… I dumped a whole bunch of empty planters into the borders (nice soil addition), and thus cleared half of them off the patio. Hafta wash em out later. I have lots of space now, and it’s already more manageable.
[B]The worst thing was getting over what I used to be able to do before GBS, and just getting on with the adjustment to the changes I have to make. There’s still a lot to enjoy, it just has to be made compatible with the way I am now.[/B]

Oh yeah…the weather report: it was cloudy, muggy and there was a light rain which started just after I finished my gardening. The lamium are blooming…a pretty pink, and the clives are heading out. The grapes are in bloom. Bees are bumbling in the raspberry blossoms. The Stella d’Or daylilies are budding nicely. I saw a pure lime-green frog sitting on the drainpipe, no markings at all. (Is that a poisonous one?…I think the yellow ones are.)

Later during my nap, couldn’t sleep, kept thinking about what else I can do to make life more manageable now. Consolidate, eliminate…I used to do so many things, but now I have to work smarter and less…I can make the body move, but there comes a point when it just won’t go…hafta rest it. But when I get through with this gardening downsizing, I’ll be happier for it; I’ll actually have time to enjoy it, not just work it.