Another animal nut

November 7, 2007 at 2:34 pm

Julie, You should be a professional writer, great stories.
We have two dogs and Yellow cat. Yellow loves the outdoors and when it is time to come in he knocks on the door or window. He adopted us when my English Bulldog “Hurdy Gurdy” died, just one year after my boy bullie Gus. We now have a soft coated wheaten terrior and a black pug.
We live right on the Missouri river, so that is pretty much the wildlife and bird watering bowl. We have a birdbath and, of course inside water bowls. We also have an eagle family Mom, Dad and baby girl. They are right around our house in the trees, no fear of people. The sea gulls turn the river islands white, and we see pelicans twice a year. A herd of about 40 to 50 deer live in the nearby woods, along with the turkeys and coyotes. Isn’t wildlife and domestic petlife wonderful!!! Keep writing your news–fun!! Regina