Annie is right….

October 10, 2007 at 11:01 pm

IF there were a ‘bullett?’ Would we still be here?
It’s what goes on in our bodies…the chemistry, genetic, whatever changes that have GOT us to where we are…
Now Lots can be said pro and con about Vitamins Minerals and medications..They all have their place. Just learn what those places are and how they [and you using them] can help or hinder your progress [if any].
To ME….how you set your mind—-downers or uppers in mind-set are key to getting better…BUT always tempered with wide reading from here and elsewhere to learn what’s happend to others and what to expect..
I for one would NOT accept any doc statement saying ‘We can’t do anymore’…unless he could back it up with facts [or facts that I could find or not] This is a time when ‘QUESTION AUTHORITY’ might be useful…but…YOU have to do the homework… My own homework got me the tests and diagnosis in almost record times, and then the treatments…YOU know something is wrong…don’t quit until you know what IS GOING ON!

Keep faith and hope…then cling on for life! Hope and hugs from here?