Ann Arbor, Michigan near U of M Hospital

September 12, 2008 at 9:02 pm

U of M is a wonderful hospital and the university is right there, so the culture in the area is awesome! I wish i could remember the name of the place we ate at! there cant be anything else like it, though, so maybe it wont be hard to ask about once anyone gets there.

It was very near the hospital, i think down the hill and then a left on the main drag where there are a bunch of businesses. It may even have been a bar. anyway, they served real authentic latino food. not what youd find anywhere else. im talkin’ food from south america, puerto rico, etc! i have never seen puerto rican food anywhere but there. miss it sooo much! ive only been there twice to see family, but got hooked on the food! nothing like mexican food, which i also love.

anybody else got a good place in michigan? anyone know the name of a little hole-in-the-wall soul food restaurant in ohio – cincinnati (sp?), i believe. wow! that was some good home-cookin! its a cafeteria style place but very small, and looked family-owned. pretty sure it was a woman’s name on the sign. i seriously think about taking a trip from cetral michigan down to ohio just to eat at that place! not jokin’!

sorry! im trying to recommend places where i dont even know the name or location:confused: silly me!