Anger should be there, your body is attacking itself…

January 11, 2011 at 7:23 pm

And it is taking too dratted long to get proper diagnosis and treatments! 12+months w/CIDP, tho I’ve not got ‘GBS? Maybe I did, and no medical professional caught on? Treatments are very similar tho..
UNTIL I was diagnosed? Family and friends thot I was either crazy of faking it.
So, what did I do the year after I was ‘diagnosed’? I printed off the NIH page on CIDP [for you GBS] and INCLUDED it into each and every Holiday card I sent! Coming from THE ‘NIH’? Added a tad of credibility!
You are NOT faking it? Nor are you crazy! Should you be angry? Yes, no, and maybe. Yes: because you’ve got it, didn’t ask for it, but must try and ‘live?’ with it! No: for the same reasons as above. Maybe?: Learn to put what anger you have into any physical therapy and other therapies you can GET to get functioning BETTER! The ‘meds’ may muzz our minds at times, due to the pains? But WE STILL HAVE OUR MINDS! Put yours to WORK, as best you can.
Further? There really are resources out there that could help you? It’s just a matter of knowing which questions to ask, and then? WHERE!
Keep asking questions, and you will be surprised at the answers you can get! The more you know? The better you know what to do, even when you can’t ‘do’ much!
Put your anger to work for you! Keep heart and faith in yourself. Hugs!