And this is most likely

August 16, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Wow! And this is most likely just a small tiny number listed in here right now. Think about those that don’t have computers or even get online. And some that never come to these sites! Or the ones that died as a result never mentioned in here at all! Makes you wonder what is causing this to happen! I hate seeing children getting sick! That and my pets for they don’t know how to tell us how bad they really feel. It breaks my heart! Totally breaks my heart. So young and yet having problems like this and can’t even enjoy their childhood. My husband had a niece that ended up at The Children Hospital of Philadelphia. When we went to go see her and saw all these children there in bad shape because of early onset illness. I was shocked at what I saw. Something normal folks that never experience really never see unless they take the visit into a hospital like that. Then it really hit’s you and you just don’t understand how this could happen to someone so small. You see it on TV alot in commercials but would really have to visit the place first hand to see the real thing.