And it seems like the newer meds

May 19, 2009 at 8:40 pm

Something else I have noticed about the newer meds too is the recalls from them. Just found out today that Reglan which I am now taking the generic form causes a Neuromuscular Disorder. It just seems these new meds have some bad side effects that come out later when a person has been taking them. I just don’t trust the new drugs today that they are making. Don’t seem like they are testing them long enough to see what happens. Or they did and knew about it and never said a word for fear of loosing money! Ultram has been around a while and seems to work well with many. Elavil has been around for decades. At least these two drugs have been around long enough to where they know what problems they can have but both seem to be safer drugs.
Good luck with the new meds!
Linda H