And, I will not make any bets that HE thinks it’s amazing too!

August 19, 2010 at 8:48 pm

And he IS!
Oh my, what a torture! For Miguel, you and all of your family.
Tell him, that doctors either love it or hate it when you ask a lot of questions? But, they respect you more for the asking of them.
Both you and he are trying to wrap your brains around this awful thing. You can and must DO IT! That he’s gotten two bad illnesses for the price of one? Well, can’t say much that is good about it EXCEPT that he got DIAGNOSED! Next steps are harder, longer and more frustrating? But that he can eat and speak are super signs of progress!
Ask the doctors tho about physical therapy while bedridden and to progress to the harder things, like sitting in chairs, feeding one’s self and then walking and bathing and all that stuff… The harder he can work on any of these? The faster he can begin to recover. The more he recovers, the better he will feel just about getting by. Then the challenges down the road can lead to becoming almost ‘normal’ again.
Take it all in small steps. Small steps at these times seem like big ones? But there are even bigger ones up ahead.
My heart and hope and love goes to Miguel, you and your family! Don’t lose hope that you can’t beat it! With enough stubbornness you can achieve a lot!
In my thoughts always.