AND – Here you are?

October 15, 2007 at 11:15 pm

I think you put what all has ‘happened’ to you in the past in a pretty concise format. Tho, knowing docs and THEIR VERY short attention spans it mite be a tad long? What I’d do is use that ‘puter and TYPE all events out in a chronological fashion… also noting what tests were done and where [IF you know…BTW You better get copies of past tests and reports for your self, …for the future]
Short story? Got sick X, Got sicker Y, got sorta better Z, Kept on being not good for A,B&C…Here I am? HI! Now what can you do to me or for me to help? {then expect the whole TESTING regimen, etc.}
It is good you are here there are LOTS of good folks who can help you learn about and live with this ‘thing’ called CIDP…
Good luck Melinda, at least you are in a fairlly big city, where good docs can be found…Now, whether you actually FIND a good doc [meaning, one you can really talk to and feel as IF they’re actually listening,, different aspects?] Is gonna be up to you…But never ever get discouraged….Good docs are out there and help by the right treatments is too! Don’t lose faith or hope!

It also takes a LOT of courage to ‘put it out there’ for the first time. It isn’t easy at ALL!!! It gets easier with practice? Also, if you read others posts here, you will find that all are supportive and no one ‘bites’ or anything like that. Read, learn, and do not ever think that any question is too silly seeming or stupid. Some of what goes on with us is ‘silly or stupid’ seeming, and docs have no explanation or reason for this ‘stuff’. Getting a disease/condition such as this is enough to learn about in the beginning…then you learn to walk, wheel or run with the rest of it. WELCOME!