ANA high only after IVIG

September 2, 2009 at 7:43 am

When I was told I needed to see another doctor due to high ANA. I went back and pulled every lab record through the course of the various doctors I had seen leading up to a diagnosis of CIDP. My ANA was normal until I started IVIG. After I showed the neurologist the many normal lab reports, he agreed that I did not need to see another doctor for possible lupus.
I already feel like I am on the “doctor circuit”. I know everything has to be checked out, but I get so tired of going to the doctor.
I now get a copy of every lab report so I do not have to go back and ask for them like I did for tracking the ANA. Also, since they now have me going to several doctors, I have been able to eliminate several lab reports due to recently having them done by another doctor. The doctors do not coordinate lab reports very well. So, I take the most recent lab results with me.