An Update with Questions!

August 12, 2006 at 10:32 pm

Hello Dear Family! Have some time this evening to update you.
Day Nine, Billy received another cathiter in the groin and given another treatment. He was so tired he didn’t even know what was going on around him. His nurse also put a call into the gastro doc to find out why the indiscopoy wasn’t done. Later we found out that he only wanted to use the camera to place a larger tube for the suctioning of the bowel. He decided that the flex tube was doing just as well and changed his mind. The indiscopy will be done on a different date once Billy is more stable.
Day ten, Billy had another good day. He was a more coherent and tried to communicate more with everyone. He even watched some TV. That of course was in between naps. The MRSA is still being watched. It was finally explained to me just how dangerous this staff infection is. I wondered what will happen with Billy’s immune system being so low. All precautions are being taken but because of the extent of it being in the hosp. there are some things lacking.
Day eleven. Billy received another treatment today. This time alittle more painful for him. Plus the fact that they didn’t wake him up fully before starting. He knew what was happening but they surprized him with it. Today was also the first time his sister and brother inlaw saw what he had to go through. His sister was in tears. He tried to consoul her by blowing her a kiss. He was in tears because it was so painful. I left him this evening, resting. I just spoke with his nurse and she said that he asked for something for pain and went back to sleep. Hopefully tomarrow will be a better day for him.
Now for the questions.
1. Does anyone have any info on MRSA and how it might affect the GBS ?
2. Also could MRSA,being a staff infection, possibly settle in the body and cause the GBS to pop up again later?
3. Also can the anitbiotic used for MRSA be a danger to the new Plasma?

Well Dear Family, once again I must go. It’s time to settle down for the evening. Thankyou for all your responses, suggestions, info, and support and prayers. GOD BLESS YOU ALL………………..PIPER