An annual residual occurrance for me

April 23, 2009 at 10:36 am

I too seem to be going numb again, slowly, but its there.

I was diagnosed with GBS two years ago. My symptoms began with numbness in my toes, then feet, calves, etc. also in my hands, then I started getting weaker and less balanced. About 2-3 weeks later I was in the hospital, at my worst I was unable to walk and mostly immobile. Scarily, my doctor actually had GBS as well, and he walked with a cane and could not open his hands fully. I was finally given IvIG, and I guess that seemed to help. My bounce back took time but progressed to the point where I was almost as normal.
Long story short, since then, I have had “residuals” or a recurrance of symptoms, at the EXACT same time each year, in April. This may well be nothing more than coincidental. Last year at this time my residual symtoms were minor, and eventually went away.
As I write this I fear that I am regressing fruther and faster than last year, and fear also that I will continue to regress. Not to happy about that prospect. My feet and hands are “buzzing”, feeling a little numb, and I feel a little weaker walking up stairs.
Professionally, this time of year is one of added mental & some physical stress (I teach and also coach a spring sports team whose schedule becomes quite long and competitive right around now); I wonder if stress plays a large role in reactivation of symptoms…? Allergens? My sense, or thought is that it is possible that my self-imposed stress is a factor, but the strange thing is that stress couldn’t have caused the disease, so why is it aggravating it’s residuals?
Maybe I am a mild CIDP case, my sense is that there is no black & white with GBS/CIDP.
ANy thoughts on stress-related symptom reactivation would be great, or if anyone by chance also has an annual recurrance of symptoms, or any general advice, Id appreciate it.
I am new to the forum and appreciate all the information it offers.