amount of IVIG

May 11, 2010 at 11:51 am

[QUOTE=Jethro]Dear Rhonda,

Please do not take this the wrong way, and I do not want to sound rude, but I agree with gusko. If your doctor is using standard protocol, then your weight would be approximately 495 pounds in order to get 90 grams in one IVIg treatment each month…unless you are getting it once a month but over a five day period – this would be approx 18 grams/day and would then indicare your weight to be approx 100 pounds.



Thanks I will not take this the wrong way and thanks for the insight. I do not weigh 495 pounds but I am no lite weight Either. LOL!

Please help figure this out! I weigh 190 pounds and I am getting 90 grams over 1 day once per month. It takes all day and we start slow and build up.
We start the infusion at a rate of 45 for half and hour then bump it up to 90 for half and hour and then up to 120 where I stay for the rest of the day. If at any time I feel unwell or my heart rate or blood pressure or anything changes then we slow the pump down again.

Last year I was getting 90 grams each day for 2 days so total was 180 grams but that was every three months!

I am confused! :confused:

Please help!

Rhonda from Canada

amount of ivig

May 3, 2008 at 11:19 am

Sorry for the confusion Dawn: The $l5,000 I mentioned was just a guess from what the dr. mentioned once. We have not gotten the bill yet but I will let you know once we do.

We did ask him about the life prior to the infusion and he said it was 6 weeks. I know it took longer than 3 or 4 hours to infuse him. It was more like 5 or 6 but then I am sure it was done slowly. The next time he goes on May l3 and l4 is to the infectious disease doctors office so I will ask the nurse how much is given and how long it should last. I will get more out of them than our Neuro. Our Neuro at one time mentioned l5,000 for one infusion. I believe he does not use this treatment first because we asked if it lasts that long and he said we will notice the tapering off but this is the normal. So I guess he prefers Imuran as he thinks that it kills the antibodies that are attacking the nerves but how can it continue and not cause someone to go sepsis. I did not call the neuro when he got the first cold , I called our family doc. He is the one that noticed the count was low . He have both of us antibiotics and it did stop our infection. The neuro had told us to see our family doc if he got sick which we did.
The family doc now thinks the answer to his falling when he looks up may not be the shutting off of a artery as the neuro suggested. He suggested the neuro try the tilt test but in the meantime the family doc took his blood pressure 3 different times: once lying down, sitting part way up, and all the way up. It was different all three times. I seriously doubt the neuro will test him but Bill is to take his blood pressure 3 times a day and if it gets down low he wants to know. The low was 82 over 50.
Bill is to get the mri of the head and neck for the neuro.

About the wisdom teeth. Of course he forgot to ask the neuro or family doc about having them taken out. They are diseased but not yet infectious.

I did not go with him to family doc this time as I was so upset with him going along with the neuro office on the medicare. I remember someone telling me you can get it ok’d (the ivig) prior to getting the ivig. It seems like everything I have read hear has happened ex: first line of treatment should be Imuran per our neuro, and no matter what I say he seems to agree with the doc until bad things happen. How can people keep on it without getting a blood disease. I can only fight so much then I just quit asking and let him take care of it. I am so frustrated . I will go with him about his wisdom teeth but do not know if it will do any good.