Also new

February 21, 2007 at 9:53 am

Hello all,
I am new here, too. I found you because of the story about Mike Sutton, Tennessee Tech’s basketball coach.

I have many questions and I guess the first has already been answered. How common is GBS and how easy is it to get a correct diagnosis? Would most neurologists have enough knowledge about it to recognize the symptoms? It also sounds like the disease progresses extremely fast. Is there treatment that can halt or slow progression if administered quickly enough?

I lost my mom last summer and until a couple of weeks ago, we thought it was because she had started taking the generic Zocar a couple of weeks before. When another doctor reviewed her records, he told us it sounded like GBS. I had never heard of this before he mentioned it.

Thank you for any information. May God bless you all. If my mother truly had this terrible disease, I can’t imagine, I don’t know. Words fail me.