November 12, 2011 at 2:10 am

BNY806 ~ I also had the ALS Bomb dropped into my head by my Dr. He did it in a casual off-hand way and when he saw my reaction said I “looked pensive.” It was a long 10 weeks before I got to the specialist-specialist and was dx’d w/CIDP.
Doctors are people too, with all the foibles of regular folk. If all doctors were nice and caring – what a wonderful world – but there are some great doctors w/lousy personalities. Maybe they hear and see so much of the bad side of life they just can’t carry it all. I know of a highly-skilled back surgeon who hired a nurse with a sparkling personality to accompany him when he was with patients. Good idea. He helped a lot of people and did operations that others would not do.
So on top of a difficult disease to get a dx and the ‘right treatment we also have to find the right doctor. We also get to do this when we are sick. Oh yeah, then there is insurance company…no easy task. Could wear a person out.