August 22, 2008 at 7:24 pm

Hello Allaug! The flowers are beautiful! You certainly have the gardening touch! My husband has to help me with them most of the time. My daughter normally brings them over on a Friday after she gets off from work. I already have the dinner done and it’s close to bedtime, so that makes it easy handling them. Of course they end up sleeping in our bed with us instead of their room I have for them. Then after they go to sleep me and my husband switch rooms so we can sleep okay.We have two recliners in my den and both liked being rocked. Saturday morning they wake up and get their baths then we have breakfast and off we go to Walmart! After Walmart we hit McDonalds and they get to play in the playground area. Then we get home and we all lay down and take nappy. Both sleep about 2 hours which helps us get some rest. We wake up and then go outside and play on the toys or go in the pool. Then after the pool we get ready for going home. So we get them dressed and off they go to my daughter again.
Hana the smallest one like’s to do kissies all day. Hugs and kissies. I normally end up with slobber all over my face! LOL! But it’s sweet slobber! She’s a mess though. Full of energy! Then when they leave, I normally have to rest up a good 3 days and get my energy back! LOL!
I don’t where they get their energy. Wished they could give me some of that energy. Both together are a handful. I used to only take one at a time, but the other one would throw a fit and give my daughter a hard time. Crying for Nana the entire night. So now I have to take them as a package deal! We have kind of developed a system that works best for me and my husband. And my daughter knows how unpredictable I can be with my illness. So she knows when I call her early that I am having a hard time. And she picks them up with no problems or hurt feelings. She know’s that I am sick and understands. So we have a good relationship on that issue.
So great meeting you! I saw one of your postings about doing some canning of food. I too love to can stuff! Taste much better and we know where iit came from! Saw alot of your photos in Photo Share that Ken started. Very beautiful place you live at!
Thank-you for the nice compliments and I do hope that you get well enough to be able to enjoy your grandchild too. It’s not easy though! The older you get the harder it gets! Plus being sick does not help either! But I am going to enjoy them as long as I can!
A big Cybey Hug heading your way! 😉


June 10, 2006 at 9:39 am

Yes, I would like her address. BTW, my CIDP/PDN also is mostly sensory.


June 8, 2006 at 6:57 pm

[QUOTE=Allaug] I thought that the monoclonality referred to me having an abnormal number of B-cells that produced the IgM which is the culprit in my and Norbert’s case. [/QUOTE]
Allaug, I am still pondering what you said. Didn’t have much time to really think about it yet. We just returned to our house in Ft. Collins yesterday for a five day retreat from babysitting in Denver and the unusual heat wave. Sleeping in a partitioned garage without windows in 38 Celsius (100F) isn’t much fun. Here we have airconditioning.