Allaug’s important question.

June 15, 2008 at 6:46 am

Allaug asked: [QUOTE]My big question for you is if you are able to explain how Rituxan works for you to keep your CIDP at bay. [/QUOTE]

Clearly it worked for DocDavid’s CIDP when all else had failed. Also yesterday JohnC posted on the “sad news of DocDavid” thread in paying tribute to David:
[QUOTE]Armed with the information and knowledge Doctor David bestowed upon me, I went into my neurologists office and told my doctor of the anecdotal evidence of Doc Davids success. My neurologist had never heard of Rituxan, but scheduled the treatments anyway as I had absolutely nothing to lose, and long story short, I made a remarkable recovery.

So there is something somewhere in the pathology of some CIDP cases that leads to successful treatment with Rituxan, targetting aberrant B cells?