All too high

May 10, 2007 at 11:38 am

All three are high for me, with a total cholesterol of about 280. Was the same before CIDP, but I didn’t tolerate statins so my family doctor “gave up.” I was somewhat able to lower the bad stuff through diet, but gave up on that when I got CIDP (life was so hard that I didn’t really care). I have a new doc who’s trying to “fix” me and prescribing different meds, but I don’t tolerate any of them. However, I’m back to low-fat eating, so hopefully that will help.

I also agree that the availability of all these cholesterol lowering drugs are affecting how doctors treat patients. The drug companies sure spend enough money pushing them and both doctors and patients — seem’s like there’s as many commercials for these drugs as there are for McDonald’s!