All the best

May 10, 2008 at 5:11 am

Dear Gene & Family

After lot of days I visited this site and my eyes were fixed on subject of this thread. For a while I did not understand what I am “seeing”. Very shaking I opened the thread and knew the meaning of it.

It is very shocking for me to read the post. I read your sentence “i have leukemia & only weeks to live” and lost myself a while. It remembers my mother’s last 10/15 days condition last year.

In our culture, the person who is at the end of his life and no chances of recovery at all, we consider him/her like God.

What else to say. I will always cherish that you are one of the members, who welcomed me first on this forum in June 2005. I will always remember your words “Take Care B Well”

Good Bye