All is very good

July 18, 2008 at 9:07 am

Thanks for asking Veronica. Brendan cancelled the Philadelphia appointment and Carolyn has an appointment next week with Dr. Brannigan from Columbia.

She is on a steady uphill climb with no set backs so far. Carolyn is much more confident in herself and as of two weeks ago was able to take a shower for the first time since January! She is able to go from the couch down on the floor to play with her children and all in all is a much more active person and getting back to her old self. We are able to help her back up to the couch and she gets herself in and out of the wheelchair with no problem. Last week she was able to pull herself up holding onto the counter at the kitchen sink and stand for about 15 seconds. Later on in the week she was able to do this 4 times!

This week my wife and I are on vacation and Carolyn went back to her house with her family for the week since Brendan had taken this week off, also. We were all supposed to be on vacation together in a rented home in Cape Cod – but we rented it last year for this week – long before Carolyn’s illness. There are a number of steps in the vacation house so they thought they would not enjoy being here. They really looked forward to functioning as a “family” in their own home for the week.

We’ve spoken to them and they’re getting into a regular routine. Carolyn was so excited at the beginning of the week she spoke about possibly being home permanently but as the week has waned she notices she is tired a lot of the time. I have faith that it won’t be too long until she goes home but she’s not quite ready yet.

Shortly, she will be starting a few days a week of physical therapy at a rehab from 10AM to 4PM for 20 visits. Things are really looking up. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement during the journey along this difficult road.