all i wanted to do the last week is scream

April 17, 2007 at 4:33 pm


I was unofficially diagnosed woith CIDP in mid to late january since then it has been an uphill battle getting treatment and I have still not been successful. I am fortunately getting to see a neurologist that may have seen this before. I have been ill for a long while at first my entire family and friends did not get it then my mom and dad who witnessed my symptoms got it and at times they forget but they get it.

Thray give them time but most importantly do what feels right for you if your feelings tell you this is something I should not do then you have a duty to act on them. Your feelings are your best guide listen to them and even if at times they seem like they misguide you they will still take you to the exact place you need to be i.e. to possibly learn a lesson of life and recognize that lesson was necessary in what may come in the future.

I have been really angry the last week and overwhelmingly frustrated and I began seeking help and support from folk on here and in my circle. Seek help and find friends who understand this forum is amazing and you will find that help will come to you from places you least expect it to.

I wish you a speedy recovery .:)