All Done!

January 6, 2009 at 7:15 am

🙂 Wow Wee,:)
What a process that is. I just got home last night. On the day of last teatment, I did wake up with mild flu like symptoms and a huge headache.
Took some Perk’s for pain and a Decon and that beat it down a few notches.

My headache felt exactly like my springtime allergy reaction when the tree pollen hits. For me it started as a sinus headache and pressure behind the eyes, then escalated to a, don’t move my head situation. Its OK now.
He said he will taylor the plan and frequency as we go, to avoid the symptoms. And that a different batch may produce different symptoms.

Anyway, I had about 5 neuro’s some resident, some associates, and some in college come and examine me. They all said I am different than usual. My doctor is back onto CIDP because my knumbness is so prominent. They think I am Half MMN half CIDP.

I had made noteworthy imporvement prior to leaving the hospital. Mostly in hand strength. The Dr. said it was a very sucessful treatment and people don’t usually respond so fast. He is predicting back to normal soon. Time will tell. I am walking a bit better and I am less dependant with the cane.
So far, so good, So Happy, So Pleased. -tim-