Alice said it better than I could!

February 3, 2011 at 7:12 pm

exosurf – For me, the doctors agree that I am failing IVIG since we keep having to increase the amount and frequency for me to reasonably be able to function. My neurologist is behind me in my desire to receive this protocol and so he is in contact with the doctors in the program. They want me to go off the IVIG so that the Immuran can be evaluated on its own. As to which immunosuppressant he chose? Never thought to ask! And for me, that is almost a first (LoL). As for how I feel on the Immuran, I haven’t noticed much difference – but I do think I have a head cold coming on – which is sort of new. Since being on the IVIG, I haven’t had a cold/flu/anything! I haven’t noticed any improvements in my condition … which does not surprise me.

Alice’s website really is the best place to learn more about sct. She’s helped mentor many different people through this program and continues to bring hope and encouragement (and posts!).

I wish you the best in your journey with this,