Alice? Please come back! PLEASE????

February 8, 2010 at 8:42 pm

In the early ’70’s my dad went thru ‘experimental’ cancer treatments -radiation and chemo that saved his life for many years. HE was a guinea pig? But he went into treatment knowing the possible ‘knowns and unknowns’. That he lived as long as he did after is still a miracle to me.
That BC therapies were ‘experimental’ even 20-15 years ago? Things are now treated as ‘routine’ procedures. That 30-40 years ago? IVIG was experimental for immune diseases and is NOW only ‘approved’ therapy is beyond me.
That all said How is this any different? Yes, it’s outside the currently considered ‘box’. But until early last year? IVIG actually was too -after decades!
I WANT TO KNOW! How you do and how well you do from here on out! IF you care to post or not? WHY? Because some new doc is thinking outside that dratted BOX and actually doing something that helps. Like cancer treatments, the issue and concern is cured? No, but for how long! The sceptre hangs over one for ever.
I have had relief, total relief-from the pain? Accidentally after an outpatient surgery…it was HEAVEN. But only lasted about 14 hours. Sigh?
Thing is, we ALL have to accept others’ opinions, be respectful and also challenge politely. Don’t ever accept what you’ve learned ‘to date’ as the end all or be all. BE OPEN TO NEW IDEAS! New stuff is emerging every day! The only ones who can help US are US! On the local, medical and municipal levels, up to the Federal levels. It’s only going to take another 20 years for good protocols to become standard? Think on that a bit.
Alice I applaud you that you too went outside the ‘box’! I know you thought long and hard about what might be best for you and WENT FOR IT!
I admire everyone here? But please, let’s put our own emotions aside now and then and THINK before we write?.
Yes, it IS an emotional issue, as WE are personally affected and at times disastrously! But, we have to be as kind and honest as we can to others. Maybe some comments would have been best PM’ed rather than posted? HUMM? Hope to all! Always!