Alice is rite? I too got that OH WOW response….

April 15, 2010 at 9:33 pm

then they switched me to morpheine for a different med issue…I was in the ER…. The morpheine did cut about 10% of a heap of pain off the top? But the rest was still THERE.
I’ve never had a med that made me pain free other than one anathestic that kept me free of pain for about 24 hours after a biopsy test. [It was delicious]
Most things/drugs that leave us pain-free have dangers attached to them for the long term. There must be a reason?
So, learn to accept and cope and just work harder to get the best diagnoses and treatments possible to get by. However? That doesn’t mean, just stepping back and letting the pain walk all over you! Some things can help one person that do nothing for another… Keep asking your docs questions and I’m hoping for you!